Sewer Jetters

We manufacture and sell the Crap Shooter product line of electric sewer jetters and accessories. We also sell Sewer Inspection Cameras and accessories manufactured by Easycam llc.

The only Sewer Jetter on the market less then 25 pounds and under a thousand dollars!

​Featuring a full 1500 psi on a 15 amp circuit, without losing any water pressure, and you won't lose time searching for an adequate power outlet.

The Crap Shooter comes complete with 50 feet of high pressure hose and two heavy duty nozzles (flusher and thruster), specifically designed to enhance the performance of the Crap Shooter. This machine is designed to handle up to 3" pipes.

Each Crap Shooter comes with two different faucet adapters that allow you up to hook up the unit just about anywhere. All fixtures and hoses can handle up to 120 degree water temperatures.

We will continue to manufacture and sell both Crap Shooters Please refer to the product descriptions for more detailed specifications.