Bull Frog in the News

Pumper Magazine- December 2013

Jason Coleman believes name recognition leads to sales. So when the sewer and pipe­cleaning industry veteran chose a name for his new suitcasestyle jetter, he went humorous, calling it the Crap Shooter. “It definitely sticks in your mind,” says Coleman, the founder of BullFrog Industries in Aurora, Colo.

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Cleaner Magazine- January 2013

When Greg Schulte started Family Man Plumbing LLC in early 2012, he envisioned becoming more than just a GWAV: Guy With a Van. And he's well on his way there, thanks to a small machine – the Crap Shooter – that opened up a lucrative new market and dramatically boosted his business volume.

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Plumber Magazine- January 2015

Get to know the options and form a clear picture of how you’ll be using your new jetter before you make the purchase.Most licensed plumbers have a cable machine and offer some level of basic drain­cleaning service. It may not be a focus, but it can lead to more service calls.

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