Sewer Jetters

The Crap Shooter is the only sewer jetter on the market less than 25 lbs and under $1000!

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Where to Buy

Bull Frog Industries is proud to partner with local retailers near you.

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Customer Testimonials

See what our happy customers have to say about the only sewer jetter on the market that weighs less than 25lbs AND is under $1000!

  • It was a CHAMP!

    Crap Shooter just responded 2 an emergency septic call, ICE PLUG. It was a CHAMP & helped I.D. a messed-up pipe section that likely caused the problem.

    Timothy Edwards

  • That Machine is Great!

    That machine is great! It's paid for it's self, and is now in the PROFIT MARGIN!

    Rick McAdams- McAdams Plumbing

  • The Crap Shooter Worked!

    The Crap Shooter worked, It cleared my frozen 4 inch main in Cripple Creek in about 10 min with hot water.

    Sean Mendes- Advantage Sewer and Drain

  • It Paid for Itself Quickly!

    Because of the low cost, it paid for itself very quickly. We’ve learned that this machine can be used for many different applications and we love “wowing” our customers that are in need of waste and grease line jetting.

    Karamie Canty- Canty Plumbing

  • The Machine Works Perfectly!

    I used this jetter on 360' of copper condensate lines for 4 hours straight. I thought I would burn up the motor, but it didn't even get hot. Needless to say this machine worked perfectly. I cant wait for a bigger one to be made to do 4" thru 10".

    Mike- 5 Star Plumbing

  • Outperforms Any Machine Like It!

    "My company has been using the crapshooter since the start of the company. I've used the machine on every thing from 1.5 inch pipe to 6 inch pipe and the unit does the job every time and outperforms any machine like it. The company is local and backs their products, definitely worth the money for any plumber or maintenance technician."

    Greg Schulte- Family Man Plumbing